Our Love for Coffee

#Life is too short to drink ordinary coffee


Our Story

Who are we? And what we do?

We are a small but mighty roastery based in Brisbane, Australia, who is dedicated to craft batches of quality coffee, ranging from specialty coffee to single origin beans. As we prioritise quality through a hands-on approach to the roasting process, we are proud to present our collection of award-winning specialty coffees. Fueled by passion and love for experimentation, our team constantly seeking unique flavours.

Beyond delivering quality retail coffee products, we also serve as wholesale suppliers to cafes and extend our coffee services to offices and various businesses. We also offer contract roasting and coffee van services for events.

We are committed in our mission to spread the joy of coffee to let more individuals savour and indulge in the essence of great coffee because life is too short to drink ordinary coffee!


How we started?

Mighty Wonders Coffee Roasters was established in April 2019, born out of Willy Goh’s deep love for coffee and years spent perfecting the craft as a seasoned coffee roaster.

Willy’s journey began with a career shift from pharmacy to coffee roasting, unveiling the coffee journey from seed to cup. It all began with Willy’s exploration of barista skills and latte art, gradually evolving into a captivating adventure into the world of coffee roasting. Enrolling in a roasting course marked the beginnings of his roasting expertise, working closely under the guidance of Mr. Peter Wolff, an early pioneer in Brisbane’s roasting scene.
As he refined his skills, Willy became the head roaster at Wolff Coffee Roasters.

When the opportunity arose to establish his own coffee roasting business, Willy took the step of faith and here we are today with Mighty Wonders Coffee Roasters.


Our Coffee Awards

Our creative approach has garnered recognition, with our coffees earning several prestigious awards:

  • 2022, Gold Medal for Drunken Warrior at Melbourne Royal Australian International Coffee
  • 2022, Bronze Medal for Mighty Fruits at Melbourne Royal Australian International Coffee
  • 2021, Bronze Medal for Mighty Warrior at Golden Bean Award
  • 2020, Silver Medal for Drunken Warrior at Melbourne Royal Australian International Coffee
  • 6th position in the Australian Roasting Championship 2019

From humble beginnings to a thriving coffee roasting venture, Mighty Wonders Coffee Roasters continues to delight coffee enthusiasts with our passion for exceptional flavors and memorable experiences.

Our Vision



To create meaningful connections through memorable specialty coffee experiences.

Our Mission


To roast and deliver coffee with distinct notes to leave a lasting impression on every individual we serve.

Our Values


coffee-bean-icon.png (256×256) Excellence – Delivering top-quality coffee and services.

coffee-bean-icon.png (256×256)  Collaboration – Networking and partnering for shared growth 

coffee-bean-icon.png (256×256)  Integrity – Building trust and maintaining ethical practices 

coffee-bean-icon.png (256×256)  Respect – Embracing diversity and honouring every individual 


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