Coffee Le Noir


Inspired by French Elegance

As we brainstorm into crafting our specialty coffee collection, we could not resist the allure of a rich, dark roast. While our usual blends tend towards the lighter and medium roast, we felt compelled to explore the depths of a dark roast for a change.

The Inspiration

When envisioning a dark roast, our minds wandered to the charming streets of Paris and its café culture. The idea of French coffee, or “café noir,” captivated us. It’s more than just a beverage; it’s an experience- a moment to savour amidst the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

French coffee culture embodies elegance and leisure- a relaxing afternoon spent at a café, sipping coffee and watching the world go by. With this in mind, we set out to create a blend that exudes sophistication and refinement. Thus, our Coffee Le Noir is a tribute to this refined French tradition.

The “Black” Coffee

Noir in French means black. Coffee Le Noir (Coffee Black), represents a dark roast profile, and we have carefully roasted the beans to preserve their nuanced flavours. This blend is bold yet balanced, offering a smooth and velvety texture with every sip.

So, whether you are unwinding at home or indulging in a moment of relaxation outdoors, Coffee Le Noir promises you a coffee experience of elegance and enjoyment.

Pairing with this Coffee

For a delightful experience, we recommend enjoying this coffee blend alongside classic French pastries such as macarons, pain au chocolat, and eclairs or any sweet pastries. The sweet notes of these treats beautifully complement the rich, dark flavours of the coffee.

Dark Roast Doesn’t Always Mean Super Bitter!

Don’t dismiss this coffee blend just because it is dark roasted. With our careful roasting, we have achieved a rich, bittersweet flavour profile, avoiding the overpowering bitterness often associated with dark roasts. One of the key interesting flavours to ‘look out’ is the smoky cigar aftertaste.


Bean Origin(s): Brazil, Mexico, Colombia

Roast Level: Dark

Tasting Notes:

  • Café Noir (Coffee Black aka Espresso): Dark Chocolate, Cinnamon, Green Grapes and Cigar
  • Café au lait (Coffee with Milk): Velvety dark chocolate, Toffee and Cigar

Brewing Recipe:

For the perfect Espresso, we recommend using 20g of ground coffee, which will yield 40g of golden liquid espresso. And brew it over 28-30 seconds.


Other Add-Ons

250g Tin Can:

  • Perfect for storing your freshly roasted coffee beans
  • Has a valve and PE (polyethylene) plastic stopper for optimal freshness and aroma retention



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