Colombia Santa Monica Honey Lychee

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Discover the uniqueness of our Colombia Santa Monica Honey Lychee coffee, where artful processing meets exquisite flavour. Through meticulous dry anaerobic fermentation, enhanced with the infusion of lychee and wine yeast, this coffee embodies a distinctive blend of tastes. Upon opening the pack, the delicate aroma of sweet lychee fills the air. With each sip, indulge in the fruity richness as the lychee natural sweetness envelops your taste buds. This Single Origin promises an extraordinary journey through its layers of flavours.


Coffee Unveiled: The Farm, Producers and Bean Insights  

[The Coffee Farm]

Country: Colombia

Region: Quindio

Town: Armenia

Farm: Santa Monica

Producer: Jairo Arcila

Altitude: 1450-1500 masl


[Bean Information]

Varietal: Castillo (100%). This variety was developed by Federacion Nacional de Cafeteros. It is more productive than Caturra and resistant to coffee leaf rust.

Processing Method: Honey.  The coffee cherries undergo a dry anaerobic fermentation for a period of 72 hours with the pulp on. During this fermentation stage, lychee and wine yeast were added. The cherries were then pulped and placed to dry on raised beds until the ideal moisture content was achieved.

Roasting Level: Light to Medium

Tasting Notes:

In Espresso: Lychee, Rose, Pineapple, Jasmine, Thyme, Raisin, Treacle, Candy

With Milk: Rose & Lychee Milkshake with Thyme aftertaste and Candy Sweetness


Other Add-Ons

250g Tin Can:

  • Perfect for storing your freshly roasted coffee beans
  • Has a valve and PE (polyethylene) plastic stopper for optimal freshness and aroma retention


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3 reviews for Colombia Santa Monica Honey Lychee

  1. Jeannie

    The fragrance of this Single origin is amazing! If you love anything lychee, this is for you. I drank it as is and no sour aftertaste. My daughter loved it with milk!

  2. Grace Liao

    Just tried Honey Lychee! Love the flora and sweet scents, it makes me happy and feeling refreshed! Great for the warm weather

  3. Cyril Chan

    Love the unique lychee flavour of this single origin bean. Freshly and perfectly roasted. Can taste the distinctive fruity aroma in espresso and pour over. Highly recommend to all coffee lovers.

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