Colombia Villa Bernarda

Villa Bernarda coffee estate has been managed and passed down through 5 generations in the William’s family. Their tradition and knowledge in coffee production have put their children through college and higher education. With better knowledge, they look forward to passing their heritage on to the future generation to manage better and improve the quality of their coffee.

William Correa produced an excellent coffee this year by processing the coffee cherries in an aerobic fermentation process for 14-16 hours, pulped, washed and sun-dried the coffee beans on raised African-style beds. These tedious methods produce rich notes of Dark Chocolate with balanced flavours of Stone Fruits, Cherry and Butterscotch. Surely a mouth watering coffee that leaves a rich aftertaste on your palate.

Ideal for Filter Pourover and Espresso.

An ideal recipe for Espresso – 20g ground coffee “IN” to produce 40g liquid espresso “OUT” over 27-30 seconds.

Country of Origin: Colombia
Region: Jerico, Antiquia
Farm: Villa Bernarda
Producer: William Correa
Processing Method: Washed
Cultivar: Dos Mil, Castillo
Altitude: 1850-1900 masl
Tasting Notes: Peach, Cherry, Nectarine, Butterscotch, Dark Chocolate

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