Jamaica Blue Mountain

Discover this Single Origin Bean

We are excited to bring you the most exquisite coffee beans we have ever sourced. These beans are not only of unparalleled quality but also represent the pinnacle of taste.


Why the premium price tag, you ask?  

Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee thrives in the labour-intensive, steep, and hilly terrain of its native region. Grown exclusively in a small, legally designated area in Jamaica, it’s a rarity in the world of coffee. To ensure uncompromising quality, we have secured Grade 1 beans, which further enhances the cost.

As we always say, Life is too short to drink ordinary Coffee!


What led us to this Single Origin?

Well, it all started with a conversion with one of our cherished customers. She shared her enchanting tale of discovering Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee during a recent holiday. Her passion and praise for its unique flavour, despite its premium cost, sparked our curiosity.

With her persuasive words echoing in our minds, we decided to take up the challenge. After all, it perfectly complements our current range of exceptional Single Origin Coffees. And here we are, ready to bring you the extraordinary taste of Jamaica Blue Mountain.

Watch the unboxing of the Signature Jamaica Blue Mountain Wooden Barrel here.


Coffee Unveiled: The Farm, Producers, and Bean Insights

[The Coffee Farm: Wallenford Estate] 

Wallenford Estate, a major player in Jamaica’s coffee landscape, boasts an impressive 5,000 acre spread of Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee farms. Their operations extend across two parishes in the Blue Mountains- St Andrew and Portland- and three parishes in the High Mountains- Clarendon, St. Catherine, and St. James. These farms are perched at elevations ranging from 600 to 1,750 meters above sea level.

At the heart of their operation lies a cutting-edge coffee mill on the Blue Mountain, where they meticulous craft the highest-grade Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee. Each batch undergoes rigorous scrutiny by the Coffee Industry Board in Jamaica, ensuring tis authenticity before export.

For those unacquainted with the Jamaican coffee industry, the mystique behind the price of Jamaican Blue Mountain is quite simple. Its production is a challenging endeavor, marked by rigorous quality control and meticulous monitoring at every stage, from cultivating the coffee cherries to processing them. This unwavering commitment to quality defines the brand’s “integrity”.

[Bean Information]

Bean Origin: Jamaica

Farm / Producer:  Wallenford Estate

Varietal: Blue Mountain Kents

Altitude: 600-1750

Processing  Method: Fully Washed, Grade 1

Roast Level:   Light-Medium Roast

Tasting Notes:

In Espresso: Full Body Chocolate, Caramel and Leather tone, with soft Orange, Jasmine and Black Tea notes

With Milk: Smooth Belgium Dark Chocolate with classy soft Leather tone, soft note of Candied Orange slices


Other Add-Ons

250g Tin Can:

  • Perfect for storing your freshly roasted coffee beans
  • Has a valve and PE (polyethylene) plastic stopper for optimal freshness and aroma retention


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  1. Lee Lee

    Mighty Wonder’s Jamaican Blue Mountain is worth every dollar for the most discerning coffee aficionado. I will not settle for less.

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