Mighty 12 Coffee Drip Bags


The convenience of making freshly brewed specialty coffee everywhere you go. All you need is freshly boiled hot water.

We have selected our highest AWARD WINNING specialty coffee blends – Mighty Warrior, Drunken Warrior and Mighty Fruits – to be packed into individual Coffee Drip Bag that can be rested on a cup-like a filter coffee bag. All you need is hot water to be poured over the ground coffee.

How it works:

  1. Rip open the packaging bag. Rip open the “drip bag” along the line on the bag.
  2. Rest the ear handles of the bag over the rim of your cup.
  3. Slowly pour 200ml of hot water (95C) over the coffee ground in a circular motion, making sure all the ground coffee is in contact with the hot water to ensure optimum brew.
  4. Dispose of the drip bag from the cup after brewing and you have a freshly brewed coffee to enjoy. Add a bit of cold milk to cool down the hot brew if required.

Note: One Drip Bag will make a cup of coffee. Perfect for camping, office, work, travelling etc.

Choose from our two delightful packaging options:

(a) A box with 2 flavors: Mighty Warrior and Drunken Warrior, with 6 coffee drip bags per flavor.

(b) A box with 3 flavors: Mighty Warrior, Drunken Warrior, and Mighty Fruits, with 4 coffee drip bags per flavor.

Tasting Notes:

• Mighty Warrior: Rich dark chocolate with hints of caramel and nuttiness.

• Drunken Warrior: Sweet Rum and Raisin followed by a velvety dark chocolate nougat aftertaste.

• Mighty Fruits: Berries and Floral notes, finishing with a lingering sweet milk chocolate aftertaste, resembling an Earl Grey Tea in coffee.



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  1. Holiday Holiday

    We stock this in the office for the freshly roasted coffee feeling. So easy to use and great for travels too.

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