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The inspiration:

The Mighty Warrior coffee blend is a reflection of our personal journey and passion. It all began with a vision of crafting a coffee that embodies strength without overwhelming bitterness- a brew that danced on the edge of dark chocolate, striking a perfect balance between richness and subtlety.

Our aspiration was clear: recreate the enchanting flavour of Cadbury’s Old Gold Dark Chocolate in the form of a coffee. We yearned for an espresso that evoked the essence of sweet wine and, when paired with milk, retained its delightful chocolate, nutty and caramel undertones.

And thus, Mighty Warrior was born- an embodiment of our coffee dreams and aspirations. It’s heartwarming to see our customers embrace it as their preferred coffee, earning its reputation as our beloved crowd-pleaser.

Mighty Warrior: where our coffee journey meets your perfect cup.


Awards Won:

Bronze medals at Golden Bean Awards in 2019 and 2021

Bean Origin(s):

Brazil, Papua New Guinea, India

Roast Level:


Tasting Notes:
  • In Espresso: Blackcurrant, Dark Chocolate, Caramel, Cherry, Roasted Peanuts
  • With Milk: Smooth Dark Chocolate, Caramel, layered with soft Orange and Cherry sweetness
Recommended Espresso Recipe:

20g ground coffee IN with yield of 40g OUT golden liquid espresso over 28-30 seconds.


Also available in our other coffee offerings:


Other Add-Ons

250g Tin Can:

  • Perfect for storing your freshly roasted coffee beans
  • Has a valve and PE (polyethylene) plastic stopper for optimal freshness and aroma retention



What Our Customers Say

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7 reviews for Mighty Warrior

  1. Sophie

    Love the beans from Mighty Wonders that truly make wonders!

    My first packet was Drunken Warriors, and the first cup of espresso made me fall in love with this brand. I happily purchased Mighty Warrior recently and the beans are great too, perfect for my latte.

    I also tried out Mighty Fruits dripper bag, a good option for those who have no time to grind their own beans but wish to have a decent cup at home.

    I’ve learnt quite a bit of useful tips on how to store and brew my beans Mighty Wonder’s FB page too. Thank you Mighty Wonders for roasting great beans and sharing coffee culture with love and passion 💕

  2. Resurrection Life Church Coffee Team

    We love Mighty Wonders (specifically Mighty Warrior) for our Church Community! Great service, exceptional delivery and friendly team! Thanks Guys

  3. Dr Ngo

    A cup of Mighty Warrior every morning to give me a good start to a mighty day !!!

  4. Ann Maree

    I look forward to my Mighty Warrior coffee every morning. Very satisfying

  5. Lorna

    Loving all the products supply by Mighty Wonders. The after taste is sweet and lingering in the mouth 😋
    Highly recommended to all.

  6. Sally

    Best coffee in town. Look no further cos it’s the best. 😄

  7. David

    If you like good coffee! Give it a go. I did and never looks elsewhere.

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