Specialty Beverages

Indulge in our exquisite specialty beverages, meticulously crafted for exceptional taste. Our velvety hot chocolate boasts rich, high-quality cocoa, while our aromatic chai lattes offer a harmonious blend of premium spices adored by our customers.

Discover a tantalizing array of teas, thoughtfully selected for their exceptional quality and unique flavors. From soothing herbal blends to invigorating black teas, we have the perfect cup for every tea enthusiast.

With stellar reviews from satisfied customers, our specialty drinks promise unparalleled taste experiences. Treat yourself to these extraordinary drinks and elevate your beverage enjoyment. Don’t miss out on the finest selection of captivating specialty beverages that leave a lasting impression.

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  • Kali- Dark Hot Chocolate Drink (60% Cocoa)

    Kali- Dark Hot Chocolate (60% Cocoa)

  • One of our favourite Chai Latte brands- Chai Spice Original

    Chai Spice Original Latte

  • Mighty Hojicha- Premium Dark Roast Green Tea

    Mighty Hojicha

  • Hot Chocolate at 33%. Kali Hot Chocolate

    Kali Hot Chocolate 33%

  • Ora Matcha- Specialty Beverage- Matcha Latte

    Ora Matcha Powder

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