Single Origin

Embark on a sensory journey with our remarkable single origin coffee beans. Sourced from renowned coffee-growing countries like Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, and more, our beans capture the essence of their origin, infusing distinct flavors and aromas. With limited edition offerings and stock, each batch embodies a true rarity.

At Mighty Wonders, we take pride in our precise and expert bean roasting. Our dedicated roasters unlock the full potential of each bean, guaranteeing a fresh and vibrant flavor profile. From delicate floral notes to bold undertones, our single origin beans reveal diverse and nuanced characteristics.

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  • Brazil Peaberry, Single Origin

    Brazil Peaberry Natural

  • Colombia Finca Las Flores Decaf, Single Origin

    Colombia Finca Las Flores Decaf

  • Colombia Ice Honey Mojito, Single Origin

    Colombia Ice Honey Mojito

  • Colombia Santa Monica Honey Lychee- Single Origin

    Colombia Santa Monica Honey Lychee

  • Colombia Whiskey La Esperanza, Single Origin Coffee Beans

    Colombia Whiskey La Esperanza

  • Mighty Decaf- Single Origin- Coffee Beans

    Mighty Decaf

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