In addition to our love for coffee, we are captivated by the world of cocktails and the myriad flavours they offer. Our perpetual quest for new coffee experiences leads us to the realm of alcohol-infused coffees. Crafting these specialty blends involves a meticulous process- coffee beans are specially fermented and aged in barrels previously used for specific alcohols like Whiskey and Rum.

It is akin to the aging process using for maturing alcohol, but in this case, it’s coffee beans that undergo the aging transformation. We admire the artistry involved in this unique processing technique, and the resulting tasting notes of these coffees are nothing short of intricate and unparalleled. We believe that every coffee lover should embark on the journey of trying these exceptional coffees at least once in their lifetime!

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  • Colombia Ice Honey Mojito, Single Origin

    Colombia Ice Honey Mojito

  • Colombia Whiskey La Esperanza, Single Origin Coffee Beans

    Colombia Whiskey La Esperanza

  • Drunken Warrior, Specialty Coffee, Superior Taste Award

    Drunken Warrior

  • Colombia Rum-Aged Coffee, Alcohol-infused, Single Origin

    Colombia Rum-Aged Coffee

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