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Indulge in the exceptional flavour of our award-winning coffee blends at Mighty Wonders Coffee Roasters. Our in-house specialty coffee blends have been honoured with prestigious awards both internationally and in Australian Coffee Competitions.

Explore our list of award-winning coffees below:

[Superior Taste Award]
Drunken Warrior awarded in 2024 by International Taste Institute, Brussels. Total Score of 77.2%

[Gold Medal]
Drunken Warrior – 2022 Melbourne Royal Australian International Coffee, Gold

[Silver Medals]
Drunken Warrior – 2020 Melbourne Royal Australian International Coffee Awards, Silver

[Bronze Medals]
Mighty Fruits – 2022 Melbourne Royal Australian International Awards, Bronze
Mighty Warrior – 2021 Golden Bean Award, Bronze
Mighty Mango – 2019 Golden Bean Award, Bronze
Mighty Roar – 2019 Golden Bean Award, Bronze


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  • Mighty Pods- 10 Capsules & Nespresso Compatible

    Mighty Pods

  • Mighty Starter Pack-Specialty Coffee

    Mighty Starter Pack

  • Mighty Warrior, Specialty Coffee

    Mighty Warrior

  • Drunken Warrior, Specialty Coffee, Superior Taste Award

    Drunken Warrior

  • Mighty Fruits, Specialty Coffee

    Mighty Fruits

  • Our Coffee Drips filled with our award-winning specialty coffee flavours

    Mighty 12 Coffee Drip Bags

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